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CrossFit 101 is suitable for anyone at any level of fitness.

No matter if you are new to CrossFit or just looking to refresh your skills.  Our classes break down each movement, while developing your strength and endurance. Once athletes have completed 101 they can attend regular classes.  

Contact us to start your Adventure today and learn more about CrossFit, private/group 101 instruction offered.

JOIN 101

Take the first step, your Adventure Awaits


Our 101 class consist of three to four classes that build upon each other (number of classes will vary depending on athlete).  101's techniques build a strong foundation from which one can transition into more advanced movements.   From beginner to advanced, these classes will help you learn or refresh your CrossFit skills.



After completing our the 101 classes, athletes can join any of our regularly scheduled classes.  Our community looks forward to welcoming our newbies to class each month!

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