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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a fitness program that produces measurable outcomes through lifestyle changes centered on training and nutrition. Workouts consist of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements, and are most fun and effective among friends.

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CrossFit Classes

Not only do we want you to improve your fitness, but we also want you to make lifelong lifestyle changes that will help improve your life for years to come. We are not just here for the After, we are here for the Everyday!


Blaze45 is a 45 minute CrossFit inspired class; no CrossFit experience needed. The 45 minute time will include a warm-up and a longer style full body workout. For all levels; make it as easy or as challenging as possible.

Open Gym

Open gym is designed for the athlete that can’t attend classes. This option provides access to the best CrossFit equipment and access to our daily programming. Open gym is not available during schedule class times.

CrossFit 101

Learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit, which will prepare you for group classes. This is required for those who are brand new to CrossFit. We also suggest this option if you would like a refresher if not new to CrossFit before you jump into classes.

Club Sandwich (USAW Barbell Club)

Dedicated time to work on barbell accessories and Olympic Lifts outside of CrossFit Classes

Strong Community

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Best Bang For The Buck

So I have to admit, I initially chose AACF because it seemed like the best bang for the buck. I had fallen in love with CrossFit down in La Crosse. Little did I know just how much value it really had. The people that attend AACF are some of the most amazing men and women I have ever met.

It’s always a little intimidating to walk into a new place, but people were quick to accept me and I have built lasting friendships. It’s a family friendly place where I’m able to take my daughter. She sees the wonderful people there and loves to come with and do her own little “workouts” when space is available.

I can’t say enough about how amazing the owners and coaches are! They make it a place that you feel like you belong.

– Amanda S.

Positive, Fun, Challenging

There are so many reasons that I love and recommend AACF. It starts with Cathy & Andy. They create a respectful, positive, fun, challenging, family like atmosphere. The gym is always clean and in order. The equipment at AACF is high quality and safe to use.

I am aging myself a bit, but I’d compare AACF to the old TV show Cheers. You walk in and everyone knows your name. Instead of a beer, you’re greeted with a smile and fist bump. If you’re a new person, you are treated with encouragement and welcomed with open arms.

The AACF coaches do a great job of explaining movements and workouts. The most important thing that they do, is to care. They truly want to help everyone obtain their goals.

The atmosphere at AACF helps build confidence, not to be confused with arrogance. There are no mirrors at AACF, just sweat, chalk and hard work. For anyone looking to become stronger physically and mentally, AACF is the place for you.

– Chad M.

Amazing Coaches

I choose AACF because they immediately made me feel welcome and they taught the fundamentals of good form from the very beginning. The coaches are amazing and so are the members! They are like family.

Going to AACF is about more than getting my workout in. It’s about challenging myself, cheering others on alongside of me, and celebrating the accomplishments and new skills achieved.

I have learned so much and have been challenged out of my comfort zone by going to AACF and that has made me more confident, more out going, and keeps me looking for the next adventure!

– Priscilla F.

Awesome Box!

Awesome Box! I love working out here. The community is so supportive and pushes you to be better! 12/10 would recommend.

Taylor M.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How do I sign up for a free class?

Are you new to CrossFit or interested in starting up a membership? 

Sign up HERE 

Complete the requested information by following the prompts. Complete and sign the electronic waiver form and book a time to attend

How long does it take to see results?

Results take time, but if you’re consistent about coming to class, the results will come. The exciting thing is that as a beginner, results come fairly quickly. Each time you attend a class you will be 1% better than the day before.

How are you different from other gyms?

Workouts are guided by a trainer and completed in a group setting. The workouts are created for you each day and will be different each day providing variety. No boredom at this gym. We are a community of like-minded people that share the same fitness journey. We are here to build each other up. This is a safe place to be yourself and to burn off the stress of the day.

How often should I come?

2-4 classes a week is realistic for beginners, depending on your level of fitness when you start. It may take a while for your body to get used to training at a high level of intensity, so you may need more recovery time in the beginning.

New to CrossFit or need a refresher?

We have CrossFit Fundamentals sessions to learn the basics of safety and proper movement technique. This is for you if you are brand new to CrossFit or it has been a while. The sessions can either be done in a group setting or on a one-on-one basis. We will discuss options with you and schedule a time to meet.

Do I need to be fit to join?

No! No matter what your current fitness level is, we have the fitness program that is right for you. CrossFit is what will get you in shape. All movements can be modified to each person’s fitness level. As your fitness grows so do the movements. You can make the workouts as easy or as challenging as you would like. Every workout is designed to help you succeed, improve fitness and move you toward your goals.

What kind of exercises can I expect?

Our CrossFit classes are designed with a warm-up, strength portion and then the workout of the day (WOD). The WOD will range from 5 minutes to 40 minutes long. We do have a Blaze45 class; designed to be 45 minutes, include warm-up and long WOD. Blaze45 is CrossFit inspired, no experience needed.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our preferred method of payment is bank ACH, but not required. We do accept all major credit/debit cards. There is a 3% convenience fee to use credit/debit cards, if that is your choice of payment.